Category: Personals

We’re more more than just nerdy gaming, anime watching, movie goers, we are also real life people. Sometimes we get the urge to discuss issues other than video games. Our Personals section will cover all of the miscellaneous adventures that Stacks Gaming Squad gets itself over the course of everyday life that aren’t necessarily completely focused on our more nerdy aspects.

The Personals section will let into the hearts of Stacks Gaming Squad as normal people going about their everyday life. Sounds boring doesn’t it? Will this make us seem like NPCs or like the main protagonist or main antagonist? Flyamese Cat’s obsession with Trader Joe’s and truffles will probably lead you to believe he’s more of an NPC but will his search for amazing groceries and truffles actually make him into this story’s hero. Even worse, maybe the black truffles will inevitably corrupt him and cause him to enter a state of madness once truffle season is over.