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Of course Anime would be a large part of a nerd culture blog and if you born in the 80s or 90s and say Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z didn’t get you into Anime, you’re a liar or a Sailor Moon fan such as Flyamese Cat. When we’re not on our current video game addiction, there’s a good chance we’re on Crunchyroll getting emotionally invested into characters with plot armor that somehow gets shattered.

We here at Stacks Gaming Squad support everyone’s right to choose and will not flame you for if you decide to watch dubs or subs, any preference is fine here. Feel free to join in on the conversation whether you’re excited about a series you’re set to watch or you see a series that you feel like we’re totally off base about. You can also check out the watch or skip call at the end if you want to avoid spoilers but get an opinion on the show.