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Stacks Gaming Squad is more than just games, as this title suggests, we are also into TV Shows. Check out the latest and some classic TV Shows that Stacks Gaming Squad has been watching. Get the mostest most previews, reviews, and analysis on what’s hot off the block. As always, sometimes you’ll have to read our thorough posts and sometimes you’ll have to listen to our velvety voices discuss and and argue about what’s to love and what’s not to love.

We wade through the good, the bad, and the ugly so you don’t have to, or so that you can join us in the discussion too. Keep in mind that this is nerd culture, so all of our points of interest will revolve around some theme in that realm. Of course CorporateBonding may subject you to some Pretty Little Liars, but don’t feel obligated to indulge… unless that’s your thing, we only judge the media presented to us here.