Category: Podcast

Sometimes on very rare (but increasing in frequency) occasions, the stars align and Stacks Gaming Squad comes together to record a Podcast of some form of media, whether it be video games, TV Shows, Anime, Movies, or anything else, and we talk about it. We do give a NSFW rating to our show as obscenities and vulgarities have a tendency to flow as freely as the beer and whiskey. This celestial alignment heightens our senses and enhances the conversation.

Our signature podcast generally lasts about and hour and covers a wide spectrum of topic including a general review, character development, plot line analysis, and thematic placement relative to the universe that the media belongs to. At the end of the show we’ll also give our thumbs up or thumbs down and clue you in on what the squad is also currently into that may end up in our realm. Feel free to download us and take us on the go as well.