Category: Fashion

Being a gamer or nerd in particular doesn’t always mean we just sit at our computers while chugging Mountain Dew and gnoshing on Doritos. We’re all successful in our own right and enjoy the fashion that comes with being a nerd. This is always a tough subject to tackle because a balance must be struck between subtlety and actually expressing the nerdiness in clothing. Lucky for us, there are enough gamers and anime fans to hold us down in the clothing department.

Stacks Gaming Squad is full of fashionable fella especially Johnknewwhen, our resident Sultan of Swag. He leads the charge in finding some legitimate options for us channeling our inner nerd without looking like a total dweeb while doing so. If you need to step that wardrobe up, Stacks Gaming Squad can hold you down with that too. We’re the friend that keeps on giving, even when you ask them to stop because they’re being too overbearing.