Threads: Swag-ken Densetsu

In this newest new series, I show off images and media of gaming in fashion and fashion in gaming done right. In the spirit of positivity, self-esteem, and self-improvement, gaming is part of who we are, and we ouchea to look good.

Swag-ken Densetsu

Setting: Art House.

Build: Average height, good shape.

Hat: N/a. Keep it simple, pops.

Hoodie: Secret of Mana Hoodie.

Pants: Baggy jeans with room for the Holy Spirit. Straight leg.

Kicks: Nike Hellboy Dunks.

But How Does It Work?

  • Stars of the Show: The late artist Hiroo Isono. Big, tall pieces of natural landscapes in heavy saturated colors. Huge, green mossy trees with bright blue lakes and skies. Consciously or not, the blue jeans play as the water and were just the right hue to complement Isono’s painting.
  • The Shoes: Big, chunky red high tops separate this outfit from the bad rap nerd fashion often gets. The bright red brings attention back to the characters on this unforgettable cover art to Secret of Mana.
  • Hoodie how-to: You want the hoodie to drape well, especially because of where the bright colors fall.
  • Context (always): Art House. At an art exhibit, you’re either wearing a lot of neutral, or adding to the space yourself, depending on the formality. This place was perfect for people making big, loud plays. Play on, playa.

If you yourself have any good finds, write it up, let us know, and get yourself on here! As always, post a pic of your own outfit before hatin’. Lovin’ is free tho.