Flyamese Cat

For the uninitiated, Flyamese is an obvious play on words from Siamese hence the Flyamese Cat and Flyamese Kingdom. I was not always Flyamese, however. I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember and my earliest recollection was playing Kirby’s Adventure on the NES which led to an obsession with that character to this day. I merely saw video games as a convenient pastime growing up in the very rural Century, FL. September 20th, 1998. All of that changed. Though competitive games existed long before this date, this is the date the one that originally ignited my fire was released. That game was none other than Pokemon Red & Blue, I got the red version since I was a Charizard fanboy. At that time I went by the name Jiovanni007, my version of the prime foe in that game.

Lots of years and Pokemon battles went by and I ended up attending college in New Orleans, LA where I still reside to this day. While here, I became involved in the local Smash Bros. scene where I competed in some Melee and lots of the inferior Brawl. Nowadays, I get my PvP bloodlust out of my system almost exclusively through League of Legends.

When I’m not embracing my viciousness on the fields of justice and playing video games, I really tend to gravitate towards strategy RPGs, JRPGs, Rougelikes, and Roguelights. RPGs have always given me the stories that I adore and dream about ever since I was a little boy. I’ve always felt like the story was the most important part of a piece of media that gets released so it still helps me hold on to my love for the JRPG genre. Strategy RPGs were and still are a huge part of my gaming repertoire. The battle systems are the main selling point and being able to debate every single move down to the T in a min max style gives you the ultimate control over your characters. Add in extensive character customization oftentimes in the form of classes, stats and items and the addictive personality in everyone gets activated by these games. Roguelights and Roguelikes are recent additions to my gaming catalogue. The randomness here is key. A good battle system and playthroughs that are never the same regardless of what you do is super cool and I’m glad this trend is an actual thing.

On the other side of the nerd spectrum, I’m also a huge anime fan for obvious reasons. The first anime I ever saw wasn’t Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon, but there was this movie called Gall Force that was ran on this old Sci-Fi channel special on Mondays appropriately titled “AniMonday” because of the day. It was the first time I saw anything besides American animation and it was the coolest thing I ever saw. I haven’t seen it since that day years ago, but it stuck with me. It was about an all female space crew in an embroiled conflict with the fate of the galaxy on the line.

Like all nerds, this helped shape my being with video games and anime being two things that will never get old for me. I like most genres of anime though I tend to gravitate more towards dark series, post apocalyptic series, and usually stray away from shounen series.

In the present day, I’m a web developer with my day job and a feeder in League during the night. I reside in New Orleans with my girlfriend and our dog. She doesn’t dig the anime or video games but that’s okay, in due time she will. Feel free to give me a follow and stay tuned to everything that Stacks Gaming Squad is up to.