During the day, mandersxii works at a software company in New Orleans as a Salesforce admin, making business users’ work lives a little easier. When he’s not working, he’s probably at home, throwing League of Legends matches, and generally being Silver. When he’s not doing that, he’s doing other things, like watching movies and teevee (favorite genre: horror), reading books (favorite genre: horror, but literature is great, too), and playing other video games than League (favorite genre: JRPG*).

Some things people say about him:

They call him big bank, ‘cuz he’s too big to fail.
He’s the man!…ders
Dostoevski wishes he could be as descriptive as this dude is about Xenogears.

Are some of those people actually him? Yeah, but you know that one of those is definitely not made up.

Oh, and you should go learn about Salesforce through Trailheads, the fun (and best!) place to learn all things Salesforce! It really is just a great place to learn, and it’s not all Salesforce, too.

* Yeah, I get it. Shouldn’t it be horror? He likes horror everywhere but games? Yup! It’s hard to explain here, but basically I can’t keep calm playing horror. It’s sad.