When Work Decides It’s Gonna Do Like the Weather and Piss Off Everydamnbody

In the middle of a grind month, it gets really hard to stick to the things you committed yourself to during the early parts of the year. There’s no holidays to give you something to look forward to, the weather is always terrible, and work starts pushing for their quarterly results. All around work > life for a hot minute. It’s like the second-third of a RPG where the grind lasts just about 15 minutes too long and you stop playing for 6+ months. Stay tuned, loyal readers, and have faith! We (I) will rally!

Lately, I’ve been listening to: Kara Comparetto killin’ it on Chrono Trigger.

And I’ve been playing: Star Realms. Highly recommend you play the paper version first! As in all tabletop games.

And trying to figure out what glasses to buy.