Sports Betting Outside of Dark Alleys Okay Now, or: Another Reason to Continue Reading Our LCS Recaps

In news that would upset relatives of gambling addicts, the Supreme Court said to the States, “Do whacha wanna, like Nevada does” (paraphrasing). Some raise concern about doping and match-fixing, while bookies across the country scramble to find better CPUs for the massive shit their spreadsheets are about to take. But if we can bet on which Caucasian quarterback has better Black teammates, how long will it be until we can bet on which Korean-carried team will carry harder than the other Korean-carried team? My guess: not too long. Lucky for you, our resident sports/esports super-fan @mandersxii sure does like to talk about the stuff. Maybe you can bet on what he talks about! In the meantime, I personally can’t wait until I can start funneling my paychecks into saltybet. My money is always on Homer Simpson when he fights on the Kirby Superstar stage. Go for the D’oh!

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