Naked Chicken Chalupa is High-key Trash

I’ll say this until I die, but Taco Bell is the best fast food restaurant in existence. They may not have everything you need, but they can cater to a wide variety of dietary restrictions, let you pig out on an expansive menu, or even let you watch your waistline with lower calorie options. However, no king is always right unless they rule in a vacuum. This king made a huge mistake with the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

This gimmicky, yet heavily promoted item seemed to good to be true, at least from the marketing standpoint. They replaced the Chalupa shell with a fried chicken patty so that you can get to deep parts of the Chalupa that much easier. I order 1 mild and 1 wild variant of the Naked Chicken Chalupa to try while venturing out of town.

First mistake was ordering these aberrations while driving. I’m sure there are worse driving foods, but piping hot fried chicken is still not a very good one, especially with toppings falling all over your lap. The Chalupa itself is pretty simple though, your choice of mild or wild sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and of course the signature fried chicken patty instead of the Chalupa shell. That last bit was the first red flag. The reason you get a Chalupa is for the shell, everything else is standard Taco Bell fare added inside of it. Second red flag is that the chicken is just a processed and formed patty instead of actual chicken breast. This leads to us leaving Flavortown and heading to some purgatory where flavor or good food doesn’t exist.

Bottom line, this thing is trash and super expensive clocking in at $3.49 for what is parallel to a Chalupa. If you like chalupas, stick to your favorite variant of the classic Chalupa. We lost stackers to nacho fries and now we lost nacho fries to this abomination. Taco Bell will continue to be my go to fast food restaurant, but I’ll be forever wary of their limited time offers.