Stacks Gaming Squad is Officially Secure

If you’ve been keeping up with Stacks Gaming Squad like you should be, you may have noticed this nice little lock to the left of the address bar. Stacks Gaming Squad is now completely SSL compliant and we have the certificate to prove it. Internet security is something very important to myself and everyone around the world. From being added to spammy email lists, to having your entire identity stolen, having poor internet security can have a harsh impact on even the most casual of browsers. That’s why I decided to go ahead and install an SSL Certificate on our website to ensure that all of our users are protected from any sort of potential attack. At, we utilize Cloudflare to handle our SSL Services as they provide a free and extremely reliable setup and configuration in addition to some other perks such as DDoS attack protection. One of our favorite streaming services, Crunchyroll, also uses Cloudflare to handle their SSL Services as well.

The way this works is when you click any link on our website, an encrypted code is sent to our servers which then respond with an encrypted code to ensure that you are connecting to our website and not some impersonator trying to steal your information. If you use Google Chrome, be aware that in it’s 68th update which is coming sometime in July this year, any site that does not have a valid SSL Certificate will be marked as “Not Secure” in the address bar where our lock is. This will help give some visual reaction to users who may not realize that the information they are entering isn’t the safest that it could be.

Sorry about all of the seriousness, but this is something that is very important to us here. Happy gaming, watching and listening.

Photo Credit: Blue Coat Photos