E3 2018: Is Anthem Looking Better After EA Conference?

EA kicked off E3 2018 with a fairly loaded press conference on Saturday, June 9th. There wasn’t a ton of new IP to behold, aside from the enticing Sea of Solitude, but they certainly seemed like they were trying to clear the air on some of the more vague projects that are currently circulating. It’s safe to say that every audience member/stream viewer was anticipating some new information for Anthem.

At first it felt like your standard “saying a lot without actually saying anything” conference, yet toward the end there was a much more direct showcasing of gameplay. At this point I’m less concerned about the probability that Anthem is caught in development purgatory, and more concerned about Anthem releasing as a Destiny clone. We saw a lot of familiar features from the base classes, to the weapon loadouts, to the general gameplay progression loop they were describing. Bioware may have the goal in mind to deliver a much more personalized experience in their multiplayer realm, but we all know how difficult it can be to bridge that gap.

There is still so much know about what Anthem is truly going to be once it finally releases. I’m feeling better about the concept after the press conference so I would call it a mild success!