NA LCS Week 2 Review: TSM Still Probably Gonna Win it

NA LCS, oh how I loathe thee. Team Solo Mid barely scrapes away a 60+ minute match and then has the second game snatched away from the clutches of Echo Fox. The ever handsome Rick Fox cheers as his team continues their streak of success. Aphromoo leads 100 Thieves to yet another slew of victories.

As competition ramps up, do our boys at CLG and TSM have the gusto to claim their rightful spots at the top? Will liquid shock us all and not get 4th in a split? That would truly be the darkest timeline but only competition will tell.

Tune in for this exclusive Stacks Gaming Squad of the NA LCS after week 2. There were plenty of upsets, a pentakill, and a couple of teams forging out some pretty strong leads in this series. The Podcast is below and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you can get Stacks straight to your email. As always, outtakes at the end.