DIY Peripherals? What’s Nintendo’s Labo?

Nintendo, forever the father of innovation is at it again. They have more than bounced back from the disastrous roll out of the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch is currently the best selling console in this generation with no sign of slowing it’s pace whatsoever. This, of course, is not enough for Nintendo. Nintendo not only has to crush the competition, but it also has to do so by being as innovative as possible. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One went the route of having hyper-powerful systems so that they could try to carve a niche into the more hardcore gaming sector with people that are more likely to own a gaming PC. Nintendo went with full on innovation and basically took the template started by the Wii U and polished it into the Switch. I personally don’t own a Switch, but I have put in quite a few hours on one of my friend’s Switch and must say it is a very solid system.

Enter: Labo

Nintendo released a video days ago showcasing their new creation. In it, you’ll see people creating pianos, motorcycles, houses, robots, fishing rods and so much more. The hype surrounding this is very intense but great ideas come at great cost. These do it yourself peripherals cost $70 or more. Question is will they be worth it? I’m leaning towards yes. Full games nowadays already run you $60 and may actually force you to buy DLC as well. With the Labo, we get a full game and a cool peripheral that goes with it as well. Though cardboard may not seem like the smartest thing to build controllers with, it’s sturdy enough and as long as you keep it away from your dog or toddler, they’ll be just fine.

In some of the commercials, Labo was being painted as something that families could create together with the on screen instruction, but we all know our grown asses gonna play ourselves and leave the children, nephews, and cousins out of this one. The launch video is linked below in case you missed it.

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