Friday VGM Spotlight: Taylor Davis

Music was always my first love, sorry whoever I’m seeing right now, and it always comforts me without fail, sorry whoever I’m seeing right now. So I’m starting a new weekly series! I heard somewhere that hearing a piece of music you like even once during the day can significantly improve your mood. And it is my pleasure to attempt to provide that for you.

This week’s highlight goes to Taylor Davis and her performance of Eyes on Me from Final Fantasy VIII. This song was the first ever vocal theme for the Final Fantasy franchise and the tradition continues strong today, where they’re apparently pulling stars like Leona Lewis and Florence (& The Machine) to perform video game music. Davis has been a veteran on the VGM scene for close to a decade, staying close to her roots (and we appreciate that!) while her original compositions hit top 10 on the Billboard classical charts. Davis’s instrumental performance of Uematsu’s composition relieves the slight Engrish to an otherwise beautiful melody. Lara de Wit provides a sparkling accompaniment. Well done, ladies! Have a listen via Spotify: