Friday VGM Spotlight: Carlos Eiene

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Friday VGM Spotlight! It’s June 8, 2018, and I’m here to chill you out with the cooolest genre out there: coool jazz! Video game covers don’t often make me grin from ear to ear, but dammit Carlos Eiene & friends, you did it! This cover comes from such out of nowhere, that that’s just how I’m gonna introduce it!

There’s some damn good musicianship in there, and the song just gets increasingly unbelievable as it goes on until you find yourself with a huge head and monochrome shirt with very rudimentary limbs and no speech function. Don’t worry, you haven’t had a stroke! You’ve just become what you always wanted to be, a mii! At last, you’re happy. Give Carlos some love! You can find much of his work on youtube.