New Kingdom Hearts: A Game of Threes

Well… we finally have another trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 and aren’t being served any more 2.x Remix Redux Revolution Rethinking Reanimated games anymore, this is the real deal. The trailer begins with a familiar face and a bit of arrogance from Sora. The previous trailer was set in the world of Toy Story and segways from there to traversing the world of Monsters Inc. alongside Sulley and Mike Wazowski. Even more mystery is being added to the series when another familiar face shows up at the end.

I’m obviously very excited about this title to finally be released though I’ll have to borrow a PS4 from Mandersxii to actually play it. It is a long time coming and I feel like this should be totally worth it. The third game of a franchise is very important turning point as this has a chance to create a legendary series or crash the entire franchise like we saw with Mass Effect. Some game series such as Half Life are so afraid of the game of threes, that they don’t even release a third installment.

This trailer did help generate lots of hype by showing off some old characters that will eventually help this storyline come to a close but aside from the fact that you head into the world of Monsters Inc., it didn’t show off anything new really. We already saw the beautiful graphics that will take full advantage of the Xbox One and Playstation 4’s processing capabilities, we already saw the already insanely fun and crazy battle system being taken to even more insane and crazy levels. Don’t get me wrong, I am still super geeked for this game but there wasn’t much new info about the game itself that got offered up. Anyway, check out the newest trailer for yourself below and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Image from the official Kingdom Hearts 3 website.

2 thoughts on “New Kingdom Hearts: A Game of Threes

  1. TonyBaloni says:

    Can we just talk for a second about Sora NOT WEARING ANY PANTS? Always trying to step on Donald’s style.

  2. FlyameseCat says:

    That’s too funny, Sora’s mad they made him a spiky haired protagonist and had to jack Donald’s style.

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