Week 4 NA LCS, still some exciting stuff. Riot has yet to announce the release date of Bee Sin nor even release a teaser of it on the latest PBE cycle so naturally, Team Liquid is starting to fall back to full meme status. We now only have two number one teams in Echo Fox and Cloud 9. Week 5 means that there will now be some repeat matches so look for some action in that gigantic middle of the pack section. Golden Guardians proved they could do something other than lose which of course means Hai won’t be allowed to escape and will be placed into a mold of the best parts of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green and emerge from his cocoon as the best mid laner in the world somehow.

This of course wouldn’t be an LCS rundown without us getting somewhat off topic and also lamenting about how North America will get smoked on the international stage. Now that every team has been proven to not be invincible, the coming weeks will be very exciting to see if our two legacy teams, Counter Logic Gaming and Team Solo Mid can pull themselves out of the graves that they’ve dug already.

This week was an interesting one and also the first week played on patch 8.3. Odd number patches are the smaller of them so there wasn’t a giant shift in the climate except for Skarner receiving a 100% win rate this week and everyone on Twitter @ing Captain Flowers in response. Anyway, feel free to subscribe to the blog in the sidebar and give us a listen below and then hang out with your significant other or single friends and have a happy Valentine’s or Single’s Awareness day.

Image Credit: Not Quite Nigella