Freestyle Fridays: Drink Up Me Hearties

It’s Friday again! But what are you doing? If you’re like me, you’ve just gotten off work and you’re feeling that surge of excitement for the weekend events to come. However, we’re kinda stuck in those weird purgatory hours between 5:00PM and 9:00PM where not much is happening yet. Rather than sit on the couch and wait for your friends to call, why don’t you pop on some tunes and start up the first game on your PC, PS4, XBOXONESX, or Switch that peaks your interest? This is what I’m using to keeping me busy and get the energy where it needs to be until the shenanigans start:

Video Game

Title: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Developer: Ubisoft

Since you’ll probably want to keep your head-space clear and receptive to planning, the ideal game shouldn’t pull all of your focus. You’re listening to music so dialogue and text heavy games are going to be too distracting. While Black Flag does have a fairly intensive storyline, a majority of the game consists of sailing around the large open world to gather treasures and sink enemy ships. I can cycle through it’s gameplay for hours on end, especially when I’m listening to a good album. This remains my favorite game in the Assassin’s Creed series, which means that it’s always installed on my PC.


Artist: The Plot In You

Album: Dispose

This band has made a name for themselves with their brutal metalcore style and harshly honest lyrics. Their newest release has taken a much different approach, experimenting with more pop and R&B elements. The finished product is a fantastic, emotionally driven album that dwells on the toxicity of relationships, igniting a very dramatic but relaxed mood at the same time. It’s great music to accompany a casual video gaming session. Check them out!

Have fun with the first few hours of your weekend, and don’t forget to treat yourself tonight! You deserve it.