NA LCS Review Week 3: Only One Goose Egg Left

Week three, sort of boring, sort of wild. CLG finally makes a splash by cracking the loss column goose egg of Echo Fox and propelling themselves to 3-3 for the split. TSM gets a fantastic and convincing takedown on 100 Thieves (and they beat the Golden Guardians but it’s not like we didn’t see that coming). We’re all still patiently awaiting Riot to release the Bee Sin skin so that Team Liquid can stop with all this winning that they’ve been doing and take their rightful spot in 4th place. As much as I like the spirit of Doublelift trash talking literally every single opponent, he can be a bit dry at times in my opinion. He does have his work cut out for him this upcoming weekend facing the other two teams that are tied for first place, Cloud 9 and Echo Fox.

As lovable as Hai may be, he signed his soul away to Golden State and also isn’t a light skinned black guy like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, so good luck to him. Our sole goose egg remains in the winner slot of the Golden Guardians this week. Though patch 8.3 drops for NA on 2/7, it won’t be played until the following week in the North American League Championship series.

Tune into the podcast to hear about our reflections of the week and the state of the game and listen to Flyamese Cat giggle with glee with the distinct lack of Malzahar first pick and first bans this week. Also shout out to Mandersxii channeling the Eye of Sauron to see that CLG win all the way from New Orleans.

The single target spell nerf didn’t seem to have much of an effect on the play of Gangplank (who somehow dodged nerfs) and Vladimir so it seems that they’ll be here to stay for a while unless we see some item changes that Riot hasn’t talked about yet. Anyway, enjoy the podcast and subscribe to us!

Also credit to /u/taspaje for the hilarious skin spotlight that created the Bee Sin meme 4 years ago.