Castlevania 3 Podcast: the Beginning of an Era

Johnknewwhen, Flyamese Cat, mandersxii and Bruticus are on deck with our game of the month, Castlevania 3! This NES platformer follows Trevor Belmont on his adventure to stop Dracula and his hordes of demons from terrorizing and destroying their homeland and eventually everything. Though it is a platformer much like Super Mario, you quickly see the stark contrast in difficulty and a different style of game progression that has become a standard in platformer gaming today. An intricate weapons system and multiple recruitable partners (though you can only have one at a time) definitely set this game apart from its contemporaries.

In this double feature of sorts, the squad also watched the new miniseries available on Netflix as a supplemental storyline to the game. Masterful animation and a storyline that paints a different picture of the townspeople that Dracula is relentlessly slaughtering shines a new light on the vampire that is normally treated as a fiend. Most notably, the sheer brutality that wasn’t quite captured with complete lucidity in the video games are free to flourish out in glory. Tune in to the podcast below and subscribe to our newsletter to get Stacks Gaming Squad straight to your email. Join us next month as we dive into Hitman (2016)!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia