NA LCS Rundown Week 6 – The Chosen Ones Have Returned

Welcome back to Stacks Gaming Squad and the NA LCS Rundown – Week 6. In case you missed it, Team Solo Mid is back and better than ever as what Mandersxii will call “the best 6th seed he’s ever seen” attempting to reclaim their rightful spot at the top. It would take a massive amount of missteps by the upper seeds for them to actually take the one seed but we can say with some large amount of confidence that Team Solo Mid is back with that convincing win over the number one Echo Fox. In other news 100 Thieves takes one off of Cloud 9 in a surprising upset.

Flyamese Cat, TheStormSurge, and Mandersxii are back again, this time, it’s a bit boring. The bad teams are still bad except for TSM and the good teams are still good, especially Echo Fox. Hai also managaed to steal another win and Steph Curry swears that’s the last time he’s giving away his magical winning powers to this kid. With Golden Guardians having to face Echo Fox and Cloud 9 next week, Hai will need to channel way more than just Curry, Klay, and Draymond to have any hope of looking like professional teams against those squads.

Coming up next week in the NA LCS, Zoe gets neutered, AP items get more mana than Morello’s, and Volibear is broken. Too bad Amazing doesn’t jungle for TSM anymore (they really take the souls of junglers, Svenskeren really the only one that still has his in tact). If you thought Predator Skarner was obnoxious, wait until you see Predator Volibear careening towards his foes with his Q on ready to eat their faces, haha just kidding, no professional players will ever choose Volibear. Wishful thinking for my 2nd most played champion. Anyway, podcast is below, give us a listen and his those follow buttons.